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Work Packages

WP1: Project Management

This Action aims to:

  • Promote communication, collaboration and organization among the partners involved in order to complete the project within the required time frame.
  • Monitor and solve any problems that may come up during the project’s completion
  • Organize and carry out a structured, efficient and effective completion of the tasks
  • Ensure the project results conform to the project’s objectives set within the current program.
  • Identify problems at an early stage and enforce corrective measures where necessary
  • Report to Research Promotion Foundation and dissemination of results

WP2: Dissemination of Results

The aim of the project’s bunch is the editing of an informative issue regarding the diffusion and exploitation activities of the research’s results. In this phase all the actions are aiming at informing all the involved factors in Cyprus are included, as well as the whole scientific society in national and international level, concerning the program, its aims, its progress and its results.

WP3: Satellite Remote Sensing for Atmospheric Pollution Monitoring and Validation

  • Regional aerosol detection (MODIS based) aerosol optical properties
  • Development of statistical models for PM (derived from air pollution stations) Vs AOT (derived from MODIS). Optimisation
  • Validation of these statistical models by incorporating: vertical AOT Lidar profiles, sun-photometer column integrated AOT and relative humidity measurements.
  • Establish prediction of PM values from MODIS AOT data.

WP4: Emission Modelling, Control

  • High-resolution dynamic emission data sets for particulates, validated by remote sensing data
  • Automatically generated data for the continuous nowcasting and forecasting of air quality (compliance monitoring)

WP5: National and Regional Modelling

  • Extended continental emission data set
  • High-resolution dust emissions, dynamic input for the air quality and optimization modelling.

WP6: Risk Assessment for Public Health Issues

  • Identify public health issues using remote sensing as a tool
  • Zoning in areas with high to low risk and recognising ‘hot spot’

WP7: Emission Control Optimization, Compliance Improvements

It aims to set of optimal solutions (effective and cost-efficient emission control strategies that demonstrate measurable improvement (better compliance) compared to the baseline.